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We presented a charging device to save up to 20% of CO₂ at the International Vienna Motor Symposium

Antrova presented their own idea and concept to reduce 20% of CO₂ using combustion engines.

Comprex™ (Pressure Wave Supercharger) an Antrova internal development was presented in cooperation with Georg Fischer casting solution Schaffhausen (+GF+). The market encouraged us to follow up this direction. It is inevitable to search for short term solutions (for the next 20 - 40 years) resolving in a global CO₂ reduction. To achieve such a reduction, we need to expand to new, feasible and sustainable ideas in all fields such as electrical or fossil energies. Antrova AG is on this track – thinking ahead and for the future!

Dr. Ing. ETH Mario Skopil (chief developer of Comprex™ project at Antrova) in technical discussion with leaders of the automotive industry. Comprex is a registered trademark of Antrova AG, Stein am Rhein Switzerland

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