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Hitherto, modern simulations- and calculation tools offer unknown possibilities in the design process. This enables to simulate, resp. visualise complex connections in a relative short period of time. Often the colourful results are deceptive and pretend to be true and exact. Antrova engineers have dealt with that subject intensively over the last 20 years and have grown with the numeric accordingly. Particularly CFD-calculations require a more extensive way of looking at things. Often, there are interactions between the particular components which are not obvious. A water-cooled turbocharger-exhaust casing serves as an example: Streaming media (water and hot waste gas) in cast casings, heat transmission and heat transport as well as mechanical aspects must be coordinated with each other. Another example are high voltage protective switches: Extremely hot gases (plasma) can obstruct their function in a split second by causing an extension of parts of the casings.

Therefore, Antrova does not only provide the actual calculation or simulation, but beyond that the analysis of the results and check of plausibility. In consideration of the technical feasibility and funding we suggest the best solution for implementation.

Due to their profound knowledge our engineers and computer specialists are capable of solving any numeric problem, no matter how complex it may be, and therefore select the best method according to the current case. A simulation or FEM calculation including effort and cost is not always the best suitable solution. A “simple” Excel calculation may be more effective.

Antrova’s competence ranges from simple 1-D- calculations to the adaptation and operation of “state of the art” simulation tools and the programming of one’s own tools.

Experience from projects:

  • 3-D- flow calculations / cycle calculations especially for Otto- and Diesel engines with and without turbocharger incl. combustion / two-phase flow liquids-gas:

  • calculation of strength/stability (FEM)

  • heat transmission

  • gas dynamics

  • flow separation in radial compressors of turbochargers

  • configuration and simulation of water-steam cycles

  • combustion calculation in several steps, integration of Catalyst


Our contact person are Dr. Ing. ETH Mario Skopil





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