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Energy Technology

Commitment to Excellence

The Antrova AG has been concerned with energy technology since its foundation. With years of experience, Antrova supports you competently in configuration, Layout and Design. Our innovations have been patented dozens of times by our clients. Antrova-engineers use modern simulation-tools in order to reduce expensive experiments to the minimum.

The competence field energy technology is divided into switching and transmission of high voltages and/or currents, small power stations and decentral energy generators, wind power stations and large solar power stations.


Switching and transmission of high voltages and/or currents


In the medium- and high-voltage range (from about 1 kV to about 30 kV) our engineers and constructors design all components of a switchboard, incl. arcing chamber, earth electrode and isolating switch. Our experts also perform dielectric, mechanic and heat calculations, resp. produce simulations. Consequently the results will contribute to the new designs.


Small power stations and decentral energy generators


Antrova engineers will also take over the project management and, should the occasion arise, also of the plant. In other words, we project and organise the service of small power stations under 1 MW and decentral energy generators such as continuous-, peaking- or standby-generators.


Wind power stations and large solar power stations


Upon request, we evaluate the technical and economic potential of wind power stations and large solar power stations, no matter whether it is tried and tested technologies, the evaluation of the potential of new designs, their technical implementation or the industrialization based on a realistic quantity structure,

e. g. parametric design of a vertical wind turbine.


Energy storage technologies


Assuming you wind power station or solar power station is located far from civilization and has to store energy temporarily in order to get through production shortages, e. g. when it is windless or during the night. In that case, we support our clients with the potential evaluation (technical and economic) of different kinds of energy storages (pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanic, etc.). We focus on marketable devices or suggest you a new facility, adapted to your needs.




Nachhaltige Energie
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