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Ordered development

Are you planning a development or an industrialization of commercial series products? We are glad to offer our services! For special development tasks we offer you Antrova In-house projects. These allow you to remain focused on your core business.

Test facilities, (technical) appliances/devices but also feasibility studies require a similar professional support like the development of series products. Thanks to Antrova’s broad competences and large network we take care of the coordination between the specialists.

We also carry out the concretisation of your product ideas if there is a lack of internal talking partners or if the resources are tied otherwise.

Furthermore, we do data transfer from other CAD-systems in order to enable further product development, product care or provide access to special analytical software.

​Test facilities and laboratory equipment


Test facilities and laboratory equipment are often used for decades, though the actual development of measuring methods changes over time. The operators are occasionally in charge of these tasks. Although they know what they require, they may not be familiar with the constructive layout and therefore need many attempts and a lot of time to achieve the desired result.

  • Particularly when it comes to testing bays for high current, high voltage and combustion engines (former leader of the engine testing stand), the well-experienced Antrova employees require only a minimum of information to meet the client’s demands and implement the appropriate solutions.


​Development of functional and technical add-ons


Your development crew is specialised in the maintenance and further development of the major product portfolio. Your sales department is reluctant to turn down a client’s request for add-ons. However, this disturbs the development and engineering process, particularly as this is not your company’s main technical competence.

  • For such tasks Antrova provides development engineers who have supported clients in several product developments from the first concept to the final commissioning. There are no compromises at the expense of a subsequent development phase. This allows an almost completely independent development which above all focuses on reaching the targets and the design reviews. Depending on the agreement, basic concept questions are immediately discussed with the client or later presented as a coherent package in the design review.

Exploratory works and development


The management and the marketing department recognise signals of their clients which indicate a time change. It is time to create new products/concepts. However, the company’s core team is deeply rooted in the conventional technology. There is a lack of experienced people who are capable of discussing the problems and solutions of new concepts competently with the decision-makers.

  • Antrova knows how to start such a project and what is important for the prevailing business. We know how to implement the suggested solution constructively and to estimate its functionality. In addition, we offer solutions which are as close to the original solution as possible.

  • Our leading development engineers have decades of experience in commercial development projects with a high degree of innovation.

  • Just as important as our technical experience is a respectful interaction with constructive critical voices in order to win the client’s core team over to a new, prospering concept.







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