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(Pressure-wave supercharger)

The so-called pressure-wave supercharger (DWL) is an interesting alternative to the turbocharger, resp. mechanical compressor. The existing technology from the 80s could raise interest again in the course of the new emission regulations and requirements of petrol downsizing-engines.

A fascinating charging device! Concerning the charging technology all parameters are going in the right direction and the charger is basically the best kind of charging. A big advantage is the extremely rapid response without any turbo lag. On the contrary to an ordinary turbocharger compressor there is no so-called surge limit (downsizing and downspeeding are possible at the same time) which enables very high charging pressures at small engine airflow rates. Along with that, very high efficiencies of over 90 % are achieved that are normally found only in the largest turbochargers. There is also a positive influence on the cold-start emissions of combustion engines as the catalyser can be placed in front of the charger. Therefore, the heating phase until the catalyser begins to work is extremely short. This keeps the counter pressure to the combustion engines extremely low which has a positive impact on the engine’s fuel consumption (charge-cycle work, reduced knock tendency, lower peak temperature). Furthermore, the charger is also perfectly suitable for high-pressure supercharging.

There have been various problems in the past concerning operations with petrol engines. Therefore, Antrova has developed a new charger (Comprex™) which is capable of meeting the new challenges regarding operational safety and strict emission regulations.

The new Comprex™solves problems in connection with turbochargers most elegantly. There is no need of expensive additional precautions such as the E-Booster or combinations with several chargers to get anywhere near the outstanding performance of the DWL.

The Comprex™ can be used from small automotive applications with 0,5 l capacity (50 kW) to large engines with 5 MW.
If you are interested in our innovative pressure-wave supercharger please contact Dr. Mario Skopil without any obligations.

(™Comprex™ is a registered trademark of Antrova AG)


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