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Partner of Antrova AG

(left to right)

Andreas Nohl and Thomas Roth


Kreative Lösungen sind unsere Leidenschaft!

The Antrova AG is a young and ambitious company specialised in the performance of customer- oriented services. Our employees’ experience is our main motivation. We offer a “good performance at fair prices”! Our guiding principle is to supply services in high quality. Each service is thoroughly tested and meets the client’s demands. Good consultancy and service are just as important as an obliging behaviour toward our business partners. We ensure absolute secrecy concerning customer data.

Our clients are mainly from Central Europe. Antrova as a creative and innovative company provides solutions for the demanding problems of our clients in energy technology and automotive industry. We are a reliable partner and make a valuable contribution to the success of the products of our clients.

Our employees find in Antrova a trustworthy, young, dynamic and open-minded company. Team- spirit is not just an empty phrase. Human and professional competence are the pillars on which the company is founded. Competence, motivation, individual responsibility in all actions and a strong personal commitment are all to the benefit of our clients.

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