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Motor engineering

Commitment to Excellence

For over 25 years, Antrova’s experts have been concerned with combustion engines and thermic turbo engines of all forms and sizes as well as the fields of additional important components such as emission control systems, radiators, turbochargers, compressors and the demanding pressure-wave supercharger Comprex™, the supreme discipline in the supercharging of combustion engines. In this regard, the most important requirement is to define, implement and test new approaches and designs as realistic as possible with the aid of modern tools such as CAD, CFD (Computer fluid dynamics) and DoE (Design of Experiments). Another major factor is our experience in dealing with these tools (programmes and Test bed) in order to avoid false interpretations and expensive loops.

The Antrova AG divides its fields of competence into the following sections: Automotive (Otto-, gas- and diesel engines for car and truck), medium-speed diesel engines (power stations and ships) as well as thermic large engines (large diesel engines, steam- and gas turbines).




In the Automotive field the focus is currently on projects concerning smaller petrol engines with supercharging which are described as “Downsizing Aggregate”. For Antrova, it is a routine job to adjust and optimize a turbocharger to such engines (matching). To carry out this task professionally our engineers are proficient in:

  • Simulations
    Simulation of the entire vehicle (classic drive or electrified) with the aid of GT Suite (Gamma Technologies) or AVL Suite as well as simulations of the combustion engine, charge cycle, flows (coolant and hot gas) as for example in exhaust casings of turbochargers

  • Design and composition of thermic components
    e.g. demanding downsizing projects with turbocharger and pressure-wave supercharger

  • Supercharger Matching
    Matching of low fuel consumption
    Thermal loading of components
    High performance density (>110 kW/Litre capacity)
    Electric drive motor for pressure-wave supercharger

  • Design and Construction
    Water-cooled casings of supercharging devices (hot side)
    Special parts such as cast parts for combustion engines
    Special parts such as casing or rotors for supercharging devices (TL, DWL)



Medium-speed Diesel engines


As in the Automotive field, Antrova’s engineers have managed successful projects in the field of medium-speed Diesel engines, e.g. with stationary generators, off-road vehicles from 1000 KW, vessels and locomotives. Our experience makes us your partner for simulations, matching, design and construction. Furthermore, Antrova offers you direct support in order to solve problems with engines right out there in the field.


Thermic large engines


Just as in the other fields, Antrova is capable of determining the thermic processes and designing the necessary components of thermic large engines from the field of investment goods, for example large Diesel engines up to 80'000 kW or gas turbines as well as steam turbines up to a capacity of 200'000 kW.

We also have a profound knowledge of large gas engines and their peripheral equipment.

Key words are: Grid Code Regulations, compressor surges, sewage gas, dynamics of load lifting, gas mixer, gas regulations. Our facilities are homologated by the inspecting authorities SVGW (Swiss Association for Gas and Water), DVGW (German Association for Gas and Water) and SVTI (Swiss Association for Technical Inspections).

Antrova also has a great know-how in the configuration/design of thermic engines, e.g. large turbo compressors for technical gases of the chemical industry (hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) Oil & Gas). Analogous to the medium-speed Diesel engines we offer you on-site support to carry out an expertise and to implement solutions.




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