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Hydrogen engines and the new Comprex™ pressure wave supercharger concept

Dr. sc.techn. ETH Mario A. Skopil Antrova AG, CH-8260 Stein am Rhein, Schweiz

for 42nd International Vienna Motor Symposium 2021


Hydrogen Engines are in focus to meet the future legislations concerning our environment. Prof. Eichlseder (Univ. Graz) published new measurements last year (2020) which showed he need for a sequential turbo charging concept to get an optimum out of the used hydrogen engine. The new Pressure Wave Supercharger (PWS) Comprex™ fulfils these needs perfectly due to a sequential charging system by design and even more, like an included engine break and power turbine. Seems like it would have been specially developed for this


The new concept will be shown in this paper and why it fits perfect to hydrogen Engines. Also, the new possibilities regarding the exhaust gas treatment to reach ultra-low emissions

and the response and efficiency of the Comprex™ System will be discussed.

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