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Innovation is our Passion

Since 2002, we have been your partner for innovative and sustainable products. Our innovations have been patented dozens of times by our clients worldwide. Our experts support you from the initial idea to the finished development. We would be delighted to support also your business with our know-how.

Motor engineering
For 20 years, Antrova’s experts have been occupied with Diesel and Otto engines of all sizes as well as the field of other important components such as turbochargers, compressors and the well-known pressure-wave supercharger Comprex™

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Energy technology
The energy technology is specialised in the transmission and the circuit of higher voltages, resp. currents in the range of extra high voltage and high voltage. The Antrova engineers and constructors are experienced in the configuration and construction of complete switchboards. Link to the article

Common Machinery Construction
Antrova has worked for many years in different sectors of mechanical engineering. This includes the construction of industrial facilities as well as compact micro constructions. As a small engineering company, we concentrate in our employees a lot of know-how and experience from different tasks and branches. We are proud of our employees, their talent and experience. Link to the article

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