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Self-cooling coaxial high voltage cable and method for operating same

Antrova AG is an internationally acting innovation and construction team that is always looking for new ideas and potential. Electricity is today’s power! To guarantee a save and stable grid it is necessary to find reliable and environment-friendly systems to distribute electrical energy.

Antrova develops a high voltage cable with new features. One feature is a self-cooling effect. This new self-cooling cable works with liquids, such as “sterol”. As soon as the internal heat rises the sterol changes from solid to liquid and allows so a heat transport due to the sterol convection. The heat-dissipation from the live conductor to the outside of the cable (soil) is a new level of cable performance. The difference to a common oil-cable is that there is no paper oil-winding. Instead, we use an isolator in star-shape in order to keep the conductor in position and to enable a free convection in the cable.

Using sterol has other important advantages. In case of leakage, which has to be considered to prevent any greater damage to people and nature, the sterol turns solid in the soil and clogs up the leakage.

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