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Comprex™ and the digital twin

Aktualisiert: 7. Feb. 2019

Antrova AG took the next step to bring the Comprex™ (pressure wave charger) to the market. The testing team carried out the test on the engine dyno in a University in Germany.

The latest test shows, how accurately simulations and reality fit together. Many problems and questions could be solved and answered by the test.

During construction and testing a deep understanding and knowledge could be built up for future improvement and straightforward solutions. The importance to have a digital twin and barrier-free data transfer from design to simulation until fabrication could be seen. This way of working could show its strengths impressively. Antrova AG is carrying out further tests on combustion engines under real conditions to improve and validate the concept.

According to the project schedule, we will set up a new Comprex™ for automotive use in 2019/20. The project Comprex™ is on track and Antrova AG will proceed further.

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